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Practice Leader

Tim Kennedy has been asked by Sensei Abels to provide guidance, support and encouragement to community members in her absence and to play an active leadership role in the zendo by upholding the necessary structures of Zen practice. He assists practitioners with development of right posture, with problems regarding breath work and how to deal with thoughts during zazen as well as other matters that normally come up for a person who has set out on the path of Zen. More about their support role will be explained in the Introduction to Zen which they offer.

TIM KENNEDY began Zen practice in 1985 when he participated in a retreat with Toni Packer. Since then he has enjoyed practice with Dai-en Bennage, Cheri Huber, Shohaku Okumura, Issho Fujita, Reb Anderson and others. In 2005, after attending three retreats with Sensei Janet Abels, he became her formal student. Tim worked as a welfare caseworker for the state of Pennsylvania.